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Getting your driver licence

Support for getting your driver licence

Carers NSW YC Drive program has now concluded, but young carers aged 16-25 can still access support to attain their driver licence.

Supports for carers

Carer Gateway - 1800 422 737. A one stop shop for all carers, including young carers, to access a range of in-person services.

If driving is identified by a carer as an education or employment related goal, Carer Gateway may be able to fund driving lessons. Carer Gateway can also link young carers with other local supports.

Young Carer Bursary - Financial grants for young carers to support them to continue or return to formal education.

Successful applicants can use the funding to support transport related to educational goals.

Driving programs

Safer Drivers course - Teaches you how to reduce road risks by developing safe driving behaviour. Designed to help you understand more about speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances.

The course costs $140, which includes a 3 hour group discussion with other learners, and a 2 hour coaching session in a vehicle, along with another learner. If you are on any pension or government benefit you can apply for this course as a concessional

Driver Licencing Access Program (DLAP) - Support for people experiencing disadvantage, including vulnerable young people, and socioeconomic barriers to attaining their licence, e.g. not having access to a car or someone to supervise their driving. DLAP Funded Programs operate throughout NSW.