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NSW Carers Strategy

The NSW Carers Strategy: Caring in NSW 2020 – 2030 is a ten year, whole of government plan co-designed with carers that aims to improve the recognition and support of carers in NSW. Priorities of the Strategy, as identified by carers include:

  1. Carers have better access to information, services and supports
  2. Carers will be recognised, respected and empowered
  3. Carers have improved financial wellbeing and economic opportunities
  4. Carers have better health and wellbeing

Action Plan 2020 – 2022

Action plans will be developed every two years under the Strategy, setting out all the actions the NSW Government and its partners will take to better support and recognise carers.

Carers NSW is a named partner on the following projects:

  • Hidden Carers’ Initiative
  • Monitor the roll out of new service system supports
  • Carers Rights Education
  • Community Inclusion Awareness Initiatives
  • Financial Literacy Project
  • Carers + Employers Program
  • Employment Project – Aboriginal Carers
  • Palliative Care Commitment to Support Carers

Carer recognition in NSW

The work and purpose of the Strategy is underpinned by the values set out in the NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010. The Act provides an official definition of the term ‘carer’ and outlines the obligations on public sector agencies to uphold a thirteen-point NSW Carers Charter.