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Carers NSW Pre-Budget 2024-25

Wed, 22 Nov

This week, Carers NSW released our 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission, A fresh start: Reimagining support for carers. Carers NSW believes that the NSW Government’s commitments to a fresh start for NSW and a change in approach to investment provide an opportunity to reflect and expand on current carer-focused initiatives to reimagine support for carers in NSW to better meet carer needs in the 2024-25 Budget Period.

Ahead of the next NSW Budget, this Pre-Budget Submission reflects on key findings from Carers NSW research and consultation with carers and service providers in NSW to identify areas requiring additional investment from the NSW Government. Engaging carers at all stages of service planning and delivery and meeting the unmet needs of carers are key priorities articulated in the NSW Carers Charter and NSW Carers Strategy. Our attached Pre-Budget Submission makes a range of practical recommendations for how these important principles can be reimagined and further progressed in the 2024-25 NSW State Budget Period through:

  1. Recognising the important role of carers in NSW
  2. Improving access to information, services and support
  3. Supporting economic wellbeing through participation in education and employment

In the next State Budget, Carers NSW urges the NSW Government to provide additional investment into the 854,300 carers across NSW who have demonstrated considerable resilience through recent times of change.

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