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Looking after yourself

Research from around the world shows you can improve your wellbeing and happiness by doing five simple things as part of your day: connect, be active, keep learning, be aware and help others.

Doing these five actions can help you cope better with stress and to live longer, happier and healthier, in ways that are good for you and others. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body for your overall wellbeing. So regardless of how well, young or old you are, or who you care for, everyone can benefit from giving the 5 Ways to Wellbeing a try. Here are some ideas to get started.


Connect with people around you; with family, friends, neighbours or people you meet, at work, school or at the shops. Think of these social connections as important in your life and spend time developing them. Building these relationships will support and strengthen you every day.

Be active

Keep your mind and body active. Step outside your house or go for a walk or run. Play a sport, dance, ride a bike or do some gardening. Find something you enjoy and do it regularly. Exercising makes you feel good and helps to clear your mind.

Keep learning

Try something new or rediscover a past interest. Learn to sew, read a new book, listen to a radio program or take on a new role at work. Learn to play a musical instrument or do a computer course. Learning can be fun. It can give you a sense of achievement and build your confidence.

Be aware

Be aware of the world around you; notice the changing seasons and the beautiful sights, smells and sounds as you do your daily activities. Notice how you feel. Try this as you walk, eat lunch or wait for a train. Being aware of the ‘here and now’ can help you feel calm and reduce stress.

Help others

Do something kind for a friend or stranger. Smile at someone at the shops, hold a door open to someone, check up on a friend by email, phone or in person. Helping others can give you a sense of purpose and belonging, build friendships and make your community a better place.

Learn more about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

The 5 Ways To Wellbeing draws on scientific evidence about protective factors for psychological and emotional wellbeing operating at an individual level.

Carers NSW invites carers to attend this 6 week interactive, online course which introduces five simple and effective ways to improve their psychological and emotional health.

Information sheets

Carers NSW has developed a series of information sheets for carers, focusing on their personal health and wellbeing. These resources offer practical guidance for carers seeking to prioritise their own self-care while building connections with others.

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