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For professionals and service providers

Information and free resources for professionals and service providers who engage with young carers through their organisation or service.

Young carers are children and young people aged 25 years or under, who help to support a family member or friend living with disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness, or who is ageing or frail. Young carers can support the person they care for in a range of different ways, including providing emotional support, cooking meals, helping with transport and much more.

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Young carers are often not recognised by the adults in their lives and may not share or even realise they are a young carer, especially if they are accessing your service for reasons unrelated to their caring role. If you would like to know more about young carers in NSW, or how to support a young carer to reach their full potential, this page is for you.

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Free information sessions for your team or organisation

YC Support

Carers NSW offers free, evidence-based information sessions to help professionals identify and support young carers.

Each session can be tailored to the needs of your organisation or service, but workshops generally run for 45-60 minutes. Sessions can be delivered in-person or online.

To arrange an information session for your team or organisation, phone Carers NSW or email

Learn about young carers from young carers

YC Bytes podcast

This podcast aims to raise awareness of young carers across New South Wales. Each episode features different guest speakers, including young carers, to bring lived experience and insights to the conversation. Listen below, or search for ‘YC Bytes’ in your favourite podcast app.

Resources and fact sheets

Young Carer Policy Statement – An overview of young carers through a statistical and research-focused lens.

Young Carer Research Project: Summary of findings – Findings from research conducted by Carers NSW with 28 young carers aged 16-25 from across NSW.

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If there is a resource that you would like to suggest we develop, please email

Get involved

Participate in the Young Carer Inclusion Network


Would you like to work with us to improve young carer recognition and inclusion in NSW?

The Young Carer Inclusion Network is a Carers NSW initiative that brings together service providers and professionals engaging with young people in NSW. The Network aims to improve the identification and support of young carers through identifying gaps, building sector capacity and capability, and streamlining access to support for young carers in mainstream service settings.

If you work with young people and you would like to participate in this network, click below.

For more information about the Young Carer Inclusion Network and what participation looks like, download the fact sheet below.

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Connect with us


Get in touch with Carers NSW if you would like to know more about:

  • Support available to young carers in NSW.
  • Supporting a young carer to share their story or explore leadership opportunities.
  • Opportunities and information for professionals supporting young carers.

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