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Key COVID-19 challenges for carers

Thu, 13 Jan

New position statement on COVID-19 and carers

Carers NSW has today released a position statement outlining the key issues carers are experiencing during the Omicron outbreak of COVID-19, what Carers NSW is doing in response, and what NSW and Australian governments can do to better support carers during this time of crisis.

The position statement highlights the significant practical challenges and anxiety that carers in NSW are currently encountering as they work to keep themselves and the people they care for safe and healthy at a time of rapidly escalating COVID-19 cases.

In particular, access to vaccination, testing, and essential goods and services have been extremely difficult for many.

Carers NSW urges governments to ensure that health information and support services are more inclusive of, and prioritise, carers and the vulnerable people who rely on their assistance.

For more information on this position statement, please contact the Carers NSW Policy team at or phone Carers NSW.