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Carers NSW 2023-24 Pre-Budget Submission

Mon, 14 Nov

This week Carers NSW released our 2023-24 Pre-Budget Submission: What carers need. Following consultation with carers and other key stakeholders, the Pre-Budget Submission asks for ongoing commitment from the NSW Government to carer recognition and support in the 2023-24 State Budget.

Following two years of constant disruption from natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 has continued to bring a number of challenges to the people of NSW. Carers have been among the many NSW residents who continue to be adversely affected by rolling crises, and are experiencing significant associated emotional and financial impacts

As we celebrate the growing reach of the dedicated Federal service system for carers – Carer Gateway – and the completion of the NSW Carers Strategy: Action Plan 2020-22, Carers NSW seeks to draw on learnings from the many challenges and changes of recent financial years to inform Government expenditure into 2023-24.

In the next State Budget, Carers NSW urges the NSW Government to provide additional investment into the 854,300 carers across NSW who have demonstrated considerable resilience through recent times of change. Our attached Pre-Budget Submission contains several practical recommendations for how the NSW Government can:

  1. Recognise, respect and empower carers
  2. Support carers’ access to information, services and supports
  3. Improve carers’ financial wellbeing and economic opportunities
  4. Improve carers’ health and wellbeing
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