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2024-25 NSW Budget announced

Wed, 19 Jun

The NSW Government today announced the 2024-25 NSW Budget.

Carers NSW welcomes a range of measures and investments relating to housing, health, mental health, disability and the cost of living, however, Carers NSW was disappointed to see no carer-focused specific measures in the Budget.

Key measures likely to improve access to information and support for carers and the people they care for, or improve health, wellbeing or economic outcomes of carers or the people they care for include:

  • Additional investment to improve access to mental health services for those with complex and ongoing mental illness
  • Additional investment to support the building and maintenance of social housing in NSW and access to homelessness services
  • New investment in the establishment of new independent bodies aimed at improving conditions for renters by establishing renter protections and addressing strata issues affecting owners and renters
  • New investment aimed at improving access to primary and acute health services in NSW
  • Centralisation and investment in a NSW whole-of-government response to ongoing disability reforms
  • New investment in IT improvements for NSW Trustee and Guardian and expansion of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • New investment in preventing and responding to cybersecurity risks and breaches for individuals in NSW
  • Ongoing investment in ensuring access to legal support services
  • Additional investment in measures aimed at strengthening the community services sector in NSW
  • Additional investment in a broad range of cost of living measures aimed at relieving household financial pressures, including subsidies, schemes and rebates aimed at addressing the cost of utilities, transport, health services and equipment and future planning for older persons.

Carers NSW looks forward to working with the NSW Government throughout 2024-25 to ensure that these measures are carer inclusive and support the aims of the NSW Carers Strategy: Caring in NSW 2020-2030. Carers NSW will also continue to advocate for greater investment in carer-focused measures to enable improved recognition, inclusion and support for all carers across NSW.

To find out more about the 2024-25 NSW Budget, visit

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