Mentoring and support for families of people who are seriously injured in a workplace or motor vehicle accident or after the diagnosis of a work related Dust Disease.

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Carers NSW and icare (Insurance & Care NSW) recognise the critical role of family carers in the months and years following the serious injury of a loved one at work or in a motor vehicle accident or the diagnosis of a family member with a work-related dust diseases.

wecare works with the families of icare participants to increase their knowledge, resilience and wellbeing at any time post injury or post diagnosis, with the exclusion of those living overseas. Two wecare programs are currently available.

The Carer Mentoring Program, for adult carers, is delivered in six to eight mentoring sessions via face to face, telephone and skype or zoom. These sessions are delivered at a frequency that works best for the carer and provides information, referrals and support to strengthen carers coping strategies and address the challenges they face in their daily lives.

The Children and Young People’s Mentoring Program, for family members aged 5-18 years is a flexible program which is tailored to the needs of the child or young person. The young person is provided with education, referrals and various coping strategies through fun, age appropriate activities, to assist with living with their loved one and pursuing their goals.



Families can be referred to the wecare program through a number of avenues including icare Coordinators, GPs, Community Rehab team, Allied Health services and self-referral, by contacting wecare@carersnsw.org.au or 02 9280 4744 and asking to speak to the wecare team.

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Service delivery

The wecare program is offering sessions online through Skype, Zoom or by telephone and can offer some sessions in person. This flexible approach to the delivery of our mentoring sessions is outlined on the referral form and carers can nominate their preferred service delivery option.


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For more information on the wecare program and to find out if your family is eligible, speak to your icare Coordinator or contact the wecare team on wecare@carersnsw.org.au or 02 9280 4744 and ask to speak to the wecare team.




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