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YC Drive

Young carers aged 16-25 can access support to attain their driver license.

What is YC Drive?

YC Drive, Carers NSW learner driver mentoring program, supports young carers to attain their driver license by linking them to a Volunteer Driver Mentor. Funded by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, the YC Drive Program assists young carers aged 16 to 25 to achieve their required hours of supervised driving so they can undertake their on-road driving test.

YC Drive aims to increase independence, and break down barriers for young carers to increase their access to employment and education opportunities. YC Drive is currently operating in the Canterbury Bankstown area, but it also supports young carers throughout NSW on case by case basis.

I am a young carer, how do I get involved?

Young carers living in or near the Canterbury Bankstown area, and aged 25 years or younger, may be eligible for this program.

For more information about YC Drive, or how to join the program, phone Carers NSW or email

Young carers from outside the Canterbury Bankstown area should call Carers NSW to discuss what driving support may be available to them.

I am a volunteer driver mentor, how do I get involved?

YC Drive is no longer accepting volunteer mentors for this program.