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Mentoring and support for families of people who are icare participants, who have been seriously injured in a workplace or motor vehicle accident or after the diagnosis of a work related Dust Disease.

An Overview of the Program

Carers NSW and icare NSW recognise the huge role family and carers play in their loved one’s recovery, rehabilitation and support.

The wecare program seeks to build the knowledge, wellbeing and connections of families by providing information, strategies, tools and resources at any time post injury and when support is most needed.

Two wecare programs are currently available.

The Carer Mentoring Program

The Carer Mentoring Program for adult carers, is delivered in six to eight mentoring sessions via face to face, telephone or Zoom. These sessions are delivered at a frequency that works best for the carer and provides information, referrals and support to strengthen carers coping strategies and address the challenges they face in their daily lives.

The Children and Young People’s Mentoring Program

The Children and Young People’s Mentoring Program is available across two age groups;

5-18 years

This program aims to offer support to young people facing the impact of injury/illness on a family member and explores coping strategies. It is a flexible carer led program where topics are explored through age appropriate and interactive activities. The frequency of the sessions are suitable to the young person’s needs though a mix of face to face and online support.

18-25 years

This program offers a similar format to the Carer Mentoring Program, however the information and modules are more targeted to this specific age group. The young person does not have to be the primary carer or be living with the injured person to be eligible.

An online peer support group is also available for this age group.

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Program delivery

The wecare program is designed to be carer-led which means:

  • You choose from our suite of education modules on a variety of topics such as, Understanding Caring and the Changes it Brings, Goal Setting, Carers and PTSD, Improving Communication, Advocacy, Caring and Work, Strengthening Connections, Building Resilience, Taking Better Care of You, Future Planning.
  • You choose whether you would like to complete our mentoring program or join our peer support group or both.
  • You choose whether you would like to learn through individual, online, group sessions or a combination of all three delivery methods.
  • You choose the timing of the sessions in line with your availability.


Peer Support Program

Is someone in your family an icare participant? If so, we would like to invite you to join our monthly Peer Support Program for family carers via Zoom. wecare works with family members of icare participants across NSW to increase their knowledge, resilience and well-being in their caring responsibilities.

icare Dust Diseases

Is someone in your family a participant of icare dust diseases care?

How to access support?

To access the program, you or a professional working with your family can make a referral by contacting the wecare team on or by phoning Carers NSW.

We can send you the referral form or complete the form over the phone with you.