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Education and Training

We offer education sessions and workshops for both carers and service providers to build participant knowledge and skills. Our sessions raise awareness, build capacity, strengthen carer resilience and improve carer health and wellbeing.

Education for carers - We have a range of topics to help you in your caring role, whether you are new to caring, experiencing a change in your caring role or simply wish to refresh your skills.

Education for service providers - We can help your staff identify carers, better understand their unique needs and recognise the vital role they play in supporting your clients, customers and consumers.

Carers NSW Guest Speaking and Exhibition Request Form - Invite Carers NSW to speak with your group or to have an exhibition table at your event.

Carer Support Groups - Carer support groups play an invaluable role for carers in the community. They provide a safe space for social networking and an opportunity to share carer experiences. We can help you set up a new carer support group, or build on your facilitation skills.

Online Education - Learn practical skills and update you knowledge at a time and place that suits you. Our online modules and educational resources provide information, knowledge and skills to help you with your caring role.

Education Mailing List - Subscribe to the Carers NSW Education Mailing List to receive information about the latest education, training and wellbeing events directly to your inbox.