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Carer Peer Connect

Funded by Department of Communities and Justice, Carer Peer Connect is a program that provides online opportunities for carers in NSW to be linked with each other to receive and provide assistance and support. Carers are able to share information and develop social connections that can be maintained regardless of geographical location.

Carer Activities

Carer Hangout

Carer Peer Connect runs a weekly online meetup for carers across New South Wales. Carer Hangout is a safe space for carers to come together and to express themselves with confidence that they will be understood and accepted by other carers with similar lived experience.

Online Education

Carers can learn practical skills and update their knowledge at a time and place that suits them. CPC online modules and educational resources provide information, knowledge and skills to help carers in their caring role.

Carer Support Group Activities

Carer peer support programs provide spaces for carers within groups to exchange tips and advice on how to deal with varying situations including sharing knowledge of local services. Carer support groups can be a valuable source of information to people new to the caring role as well as to individuals who have been caring for an extended period of time.

The Carer Peer Connect program provides education and support to facilitators of carer support groups to enable them to run sustainable support groups for carers.

Monthly Facilitator Meetup

The Carer Peer Connect program runs monthly video-meetings for facilitators of carer support groups. These video-meetings have allowed members to talk openly about the facilitation of their groups and discuss ways to overcome group challenges.

Carer Support Group workshops

The success of a support group often pivots around the skills of the facilitator. Good facilitation of group meetings is essential for the sustainability of the group. Carer Peer Connect runs workshops for services providers and carers who looking to set up a carer support group, or are looking to build on pre-existing skills.

Current workshops include:

Carer Support Groups: A workshop for facilitators is a free interactive workshop covering a broad range of topics and issues that relate to the role of a carer support group facilitator.

Setting Up a Carer Support Group is a free online interactive workshop that addresses common issues and considerations for new facilitators in setting up a brand new support group for unpaid family carers.