Research Community

The Carers NSW Research Community is an exciting new initiative that aims to increase awareness and interest in current research, and provides an avenue for carers to engage with relevant projects

Why a Research Community?

Finding enough appropriate people to participate in research projects can be very time consuming, particularly when looking for large sample sizes. Recruitment can often be the most difficult and resource intensive phase of research. Directly advertising projects to appropriate people who have an interest in research participation can dramatically reduce time delays and allow valuable research projects to be completed more quickly.

Who can join?

If you are over the age of 18, you can volunteer to join the Research Community. All participation is on a voluntary basis. Some basic information will be collected from you so that they you be contacted when (and only when) a prospective project is likely to be relevant to you.

By joining the Research Community, you will agree to directly receive information about research projects that relate to your caring situation. However, you are never obliged to participate in any study should you not want to.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Joining the Research Community

To join the Research Community, you will be asked to provide some basic demographic information about yourself and the person(s) you care for. This information will be confidential and not given to any third party, and will only be used to match you with appropriate research projects. This demographic information will help to ensure that you only receive information about projects where you are likely to meet the selection criteria (should you choose to participate).

Step 2 - Receiving invitations to participate in research projects

When Carers NSW needs to recruit participants for a research project, or agrees to assist external researchers in recruiting participants, appropriate members of the Research Community will receive information about the study. These members will receive a brief outline of the project, along with instructions regarding how to be involved. No member's details will ever be passed on to researchers without that member's explicit consent. All research projects will have been reviewed and approved by Carers NSW. Potential participants will always have the choice of whether or not to participate.

Step 3 - Research results

As results of any project become available, participants and other relevant Research Community members will be informed as to where they can obtain this information.

Would you like to join?

If you would like to join the Research Community, please complete the online form below.

Alternatively, please contact Timothy Broady (details below) to arrange for a paper copy to be sent to you.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the Research Community, please contact Timothy Broady, Senior Research and Development Officer on (02) 9280 4744 or



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