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The Australian Work and Life Index Report (2014) indicates that over 75% of employees over the age of 45 provide some level of care and support to elderly relatives. Many may also care for spouses, siblings or children with disabilities and other chronic conditions.

Carers have a wide range of skills and knowledge and many are educated to a high level [i], however one in two carers, who are not currently employed, stopped working because of their caring responsibilities [i]. When workplaces support carers by demonstrating compassion, empathy and flexibility, the results can be beneficial to employee engagement and retention.

Carers NSW is committed to working with organisations to assist carers in maintaining meaningful employment, without requiring them to sacrifice their career or caring role.

Consultation and workplace planning support

Carers NSW provides consultation services to assist employers with the development of a supportive care culture and implement suitable carer support mechanisms.

Care Culture Survey and analysis

Carers NSW conducts organisation wide surveys to understand the expectations, experience and requirements of staff in relation to past, current and predicted care roles. Results of the Care Culture Survey can be used to determine potential implications for organisations and provide advice on how to address them.

As a leader in conducting carer research, we have experienced and qualified staff to oversee survey implementation and data analysis. The Care Culture Survey, or elements of it, can be integrated into existing staff/culture surveys. 

Based on the findings of the Care Culture Survey, and implementations made following analysis, you may be nominated for an annual NSW Carer Award.

Organisational Carer Support Profile and action plan

Following initial assessment, Carers NSW can build an Organisational Carer Support Profile which will provide an overview of employees with caring responsibilities in the organisation. The profile will enable your organisation to outline strategies which will address key findings from the Care Culture Survey. 

Carer Planning workshop

The aim of the Carer Planning workshop is to develop a three to five year strategy for a care-aware workplace that will support employees with caring responsibilities.

The interactive Carer Planning workshop brings together the experience and knowledge of staff to generate ownership of the strategy and commitment within the organisation.

Additional consultation services

Consultation services can be tailored to meet specific requirements, including the delivery of digital content and the provision of staff to engage with employees at events.

Education and training

Carers NSW education and training modules engage employers and staff to develop proactive strategies that support carers. Modules are designed to educate employers and employees on how to maintain meaningful employment while balancing caring responsibilities. Modules can be targeted to carers, their managers and wider staff.

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Contact the Education team on 02 9280 4744 or education@carersnsw.org.au to learn more about the employer services offered by Carers NSW. 



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Carers NSW acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land, Elders past and present and all Aboriginal people.