Carers Support Groups

Carer Support Groups encourage carers to come together on a regular basis to discuss their caring situation, socialise, share information and offer each other support.

Looking for a Carer Support Group

Where is my nearest Carer Support Group?

Carers NSW can help you contact your local Carer Support Group.

  • Contact our Carer Line on freecall 1800 242 636: a Carer Support Officer can assist you for details of Carer Support Groups in your area
  • Search our Carer Support Group database: to search through a full list of Carer Support Groups in New South Wales, listed by region.
  • Contact your local Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on freecall 1800 052 222 for details of Carer Support Groups in your local area. The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre can also help you organise respite care and transport if required so you can attend a support group.

Are there different types of Carer Support Groups?

Yes, there are both general and specific Carer Support Groups. Some groups may specifically support individuals who care for people with a particular disability or condition. Many are open groups for carers with varied caring circumstances. There are also groups for Aboriginal carers and carers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

How often do Carer Support Groups meet?

Most groups meet once a month for a couple of hours, usually at the same location. However some groups vary the days, times and, in rural areas, the location.

Does it cost anything to attend a Carer Support Group?

No. The groups are free, although some may ask for a small contribution for refreshments.

What if I need transport or respite to attend a Carer Support Group?

Ask the group's coordinator or contact the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on 1800 052 222 for help with organising respite care and transport.

What about confidentiality?

Carer Support Groups respect confidentiality, and discussions of personal situations must not be disclosed to others outside the group.

Resources for Carer Support Groups

Carers NSW has developed a suite of packages to assist you in setting up and running a Carer Support Group.

Setting Up a Carer Support Group

Carers NSW has brought together the wisdom of carers to produce a guide to setting up and running Carer Support Groups. This package is designed to provide information and ideas to support you from initial set-up of a group, to ideas on activities and suggestions on how to organise them. It covers a wide range of topics including how to get in touch with carers, how to manage the development of the group and other more practical matters like insurance. The guide is available for download.

Carer Support Groups: An information and support resource for facilitators

Carers NSW developed the Carer Support Groups: An information and support resource for facilitators for facilitators of new and established carer support groups. The two components, the Facilitator Guide and the Education Modules, are designed to provide carer support group leaders with specific knowledge and basic skills to enable them to deliver quality education to carers.

Carer Support Groups: A workshop for facilitators

Carers NSW runs a free one day workshop for carers and service providers who currently facilitate a carer support group, or who are interested in facilitating their own group. The workshop includes an introduction to group process and group work, as well as identifying and responding to issues specific to carers and the group.

Further information regarding the workshop, as well as upcoming dates can be found here

Registering your Carer Support Group

Do you currently run a Carer Support Group? Carers NSW coordinates a database of active Carer Support Groups across the state and would like to promote your group.

If you wish to register a support group with Carers NSW please complete the Register your carer support group form

If you are an existing registered support group and wish to update your details, please log in to the Carer Peer Connect website, email or phone (02) 9280 4744.



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