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Carers NSW 2023 Policy Platform: What carers need

Fri, 06 Jan

The NSW State Election is scheduled to take place on Saturday 25 March 2023. To ensure the voices of the 850,000 carers living in NSW are heard, Carers NSW is encouraging the next NSW Parliament to prioritise the needs of family and friend carers.

To help carers and interested members of the community raise awareness about issues important to carers, we have developed a series of materials that provide information about ways to improve outcomes for carers and how to talk to local candidates and your community.

Policy Platform

The 2023 NSW State Election is an important opportunity to raise awareness among all candidates and community members of the importance of recognising and supporting carers. Drawing on ongoing consultation and research, Carers NSW has developed a Policy Platform highlighting a number of key issues as communicated to us by carers across NSW and a series of policy priorities as a way to begin addressing what carers need.

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Approaching your local candidates

Approaching your local candidates is a great way of raising awareness of carers’ needs this NSW State Election.

The following steps will help you contact or meet with your local candidates:

1. Find your electorate

You can search for your current State electorate by entering your residential address here.

2. Find your local candidates

To find your local candidates for the 2023 State Election, you can download a copy of the 2023 NSW State Election Register of Candidates.

3. Send a letter or email

Send a brief letter or email introducing yourself, explaining why you have contacted them and outlining the issues you wish to talk about. If you are unsure how to start or what the letter should look like, Carers NSW has a template you can use.

4. Request a meeting

Send a brief letter or email introducing yourself, stating that you would like to meet with them, explaining why and outlining the issues you wish to discuss. Follow up with a phone call if you do not hear back for some time. If you are unsure on how to start or what the letter should look like, Carers NSW has a template you can use.

5. Be prepared

Do some research about the candidates you would like to contact so that you have some idea of their positions and track records on the issues of importance to you. Make sure you plan what you want to say and prepare evidence for your arguments, including your own experience. You can use the Carers NSW 2023 Policy Platform and even take some copies along on the day so the candidate is left with further information to read.

6. Communicate well

Be polite, confident and clear with what you want to say and ensure you stay on track. Use real life examples and other evidence to demonstrate why the issues you are raising are important. Give the candidate the opportunity to respond to what you have raised, and be clear about what you are asking them to do.

7. Share your experiences

If you have met with a candidate, let us know! You can contact the Policy Team at or on (02) 9280 4744.

Tell your friends and family how it went too, and encourage other carers to get in touch with their local candidates!

Raising awareness in your community

Using your story and your voice is a great way to raise awareness in your community about what carers need.

Below are some suggestions for how you raise awareness of the needs and experiences of carers in your community ahead of the 2023 NSW State Election.

1. Alert your community group or network

If you are part of a group or network, you can make an announcement, add an item to a meeting agenda, send an email or write a blog or newsletter article about our campaign.

2. Distribute the Carers NSW 2023 Policy Platform

Carers NSW has published a 2023 Policy Platform with important information about the needs and experiences of carers that we will be distributing in the lead up to the election. You can share this document electronically or in hard copy with your neighbours and contacts to raise awareness.

3. Write a social media post

Posting or sharing on Facebook or Instagram can be a valuable way to get your message heard, especially as you can tag candidates in your local area. You can use information in our Policy Platform to draft your own message. Remember to use the hashtag #whatcarersneed.

Carers NSW Resources

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