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COVID-19 update for carers in NSW

Fri, 20 Aug

Carers NSW is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the ongoing government response and the wide ranging impacts it has on carers. Below is our latest COVID-19 information and resources for carers.

*Last updated Thursday 2 September 2021

On Friday 20 August 2021, the NSW Premier provided a further update with regards to COVID-19 restrictions across NSW.

Key updates

  • The Greater Sydney lockdown has been extended until the end of September 2021. The Central Coast and Shellharbour areas however, are considered part of regional and rural NSW
  • As of Monday 23 August 2021, mask wearing is mandatory when outside the home across all of NSW, except when exercising
  • There have been a number of cases in Early Childhood Education and Care Services, so parents and carers across the state are strongly encouraged to keep their children at home unless for an essential reason

Specific restrictions within areas of concern

For those living in a local government area of concern, the following additional restrictions apply from Monday 23 August 2021:

  • All education and professional development must be completed online, with the exception of school education where a student cannot learn from home
  • Only essential items, such as from supermarkets or pharmacies, can be purchased in person – all other items must be purchased online via Click and Collect

Carer documentation

Many carers have expressed confusion and concern as to whether they need to carry documentation that shows they are leaving their home to provide essential care.

Carers NSW has confirmed with NSW Health that no documentation (or regional travel permit) is currently required to support essential care, as it is a reasonable excuse to leave home under the NSW Public Health Order. However, if carers wish to carry documentation to feel more confident when travelling, they can carry a GP letter, hospital discharge summary or care provider evidence.

For more information, download our 'Carers and the NSW stay at home order' fact sheet at the bottom of this page.

Stay up to date

Carers NSW will continue to provide updates via the News page of our website and via our Facebook page. Trusted information can be found via the below sources:

  • Full details of current rules and restrictions, as well as information about getting vaccinated, visiting care facilities and accessing financial support are published online at: If you require clarification around any of the rules or restrictions, contact Service NSW on 13 77 88

Resources developed by Carers NSW to support carers to manage the practical and emotional challenges of caring through COVID-19, are available on our Carer Resources page, using the search term 'COVID'.