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COVID-19 update for carers in NSW

Wed, 15 Dec

Carers NSW is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the ongoing government response and the wide ranging impacts it has on carers. Below is our latest COVID-19 information and resources for carers.

*Last updated 15 December 2021

COVID-19 restrictions eased from 15 December 2021

From 15 December 2021, COVID-19 restrictions in NSW will be further eased, meaning that some rules have changed.

The information below has been updated following the announcement of these changes. More information about the easing of restrictions can be found on the NSW Government website.

Below are the key changes that are particularly relevant to carers. Additional detail can be found on the NSW Government website. These changes apply to everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated (two doses of COVID-19 vaccine received), people who are not fully vaccinated and those with medical exemptions.

Please note that while rules have changed around providing evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status and masks, some premises may still make it a condition of entry that you are fully vaccinated or wear a face mask.

Meeting with others:

  • You are not required to be fully vaccinated to have people visit your home or visit people at their home
  • You are not required to be fully vaccinated to participate in outdoor gatherings and masks are not required for outdoor gatherings

Please note that if you are visiting an aged care facility or disability home, there may be rules that apply to you, it is best to check with the operator of the facility before visiting.

Accessing the community:

Anyone can visit:

  • Retail or business premises
  • Restaurants, cafes and hospitality venues
  • Libraries, museums and galleries
  • Indoor and outdoor recreation facilities

You are able to travel anywhere in NSW.


Masks are strongly encouraged in settings where you cannot socially distance.

If you are over the age of 12, you must still wear a face mask:

  • at a public transport waiting area
  • while on public transport
  • at airports and on aircraft when the aircraft is flying above NSW
  • for indoors front-of-house hospitality staff who are not fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 Safe Check-in:

COVID-19 Safe Check-ins are no longer required for a number of venues, however are still required at*:

  • gyms (except dance, yoga, pilates, gymnastics, and martial arts studios)
  • hospitals (except patients of hospitals or hospitals with an electronic entry recording system that records sufficient information that can be used for contact tracing)
  • residential care facilities or hostels (except in relation to the residents)
  • places of public worship
  • funeral, memorials and gatherings afterwards

(*Please note this is not an exhaustive list of venues where COVID-19 Safe Check-ins are required, only venues that may be particular interest to carers, for the full list of venues you may be required to check-in at, please visit the NSW Government website.)

Vaccination evidence:

Most premises in NSW are now open to everyone, regardless of if you have been vaccinated.

You no longer need to show evidence that you are fully vaccinated at most premises. However, you will still need to show evidence that you are fully vaccinated if you:

  • At airports
  • If you work in certain industries, including education and child care, aged care, disability care and transport. For more information about vaccine requirements for workers please visit NSW Government website.

Isolation rules for close and casual contacts

The guidance on isolation for close and casual contacts who are fully vaccinated will continue to be revised as restrictions continue to ease. Stay up-to-date by visiting the NSW Government website.

Visit the NSW Government website for 'Frequently asked questions for parents and carers of people who need to be isolated due to COVID-19'.

The roadmap is subject to change at short notice if circumstances change or if cases in a certain area remain too high. Stay up to date by visiting the NSW Government website.

Tailored information for carers

Carers NSW will continue to provide updates via the News page of our website and via our Facebook page. Resources developed by Carers NSW to support carers to manage the practical and emotional challenges of caring through COVID-19, are available on our Carer Resources page, using the search term 'COVID'.