Therapeutic Counselling Groups

Therapeutic counselling groups are designed to help improve the overall wellbeing of carers in NSW.

Therapeutic counselling groups provide carers with an opportunity to explore the emotional impact of caring in a group setting, identify ways of managing everyday life and share experiences with people who are in similar situations.

The groups run over a course of six weeks and are facilitated by professionally trained counsellors either in person or over the phone via Talk-link. The group sessions run at the same time each week and last approximately one hour. There is no cost involved in participating in a therapeutic counselling group.

Therapeutic counselling groups focus on specific disabilities or health conditions and cover a broad range of topics to support you in your caring role. Groups can be of great value for carers and previous participants have reported a number of benefits including:

  • Being able to talk freely and having a sense of connection with others who understand
  • Sharing, learning and building on existing coping skills
  • Sharing mutual feelings and fears
  • Being accepted and a reduction in the sense of isolation

What is Talk-Link?

Talk-Link is a phone-based therapeutic counselling group delivered via teleconferencing. It enables groups of carers and trained facilitators to get together over the phone to explore challenges associated with the caring role. Talk-Link is of great value for carers with travel constraints or carers who live in rural areas.

How do I take part?

To participate in Talk-Link all you need is a landline telephone. All calls for Talk-Link are free of charge, except when calling from mobile phones. It is also recommended you organise a private space where you can talk freely and will not be disturbed.

Register your interest in a therapeutic counselling group listed below by calling the Carer Line on 1800 242 636 or emailing

Upcoming Talk-Link groups

Carer Wellbeing: Therapeutic Group

Who: For all carers living in NSW

When: Tuesday 22 October 2019

For more information see the flyer

Carer Wellbeing Talk-Link Group

Who: Carers of people living with mental illness in NSW

When: Thursday 17 October 2019

For more information see the flyer

Grief & Loss Talk-Link Group

Who: Former carers living in NSW

When: Tuesday 5 November 2019

For more information see the flyer



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