Understanding and Supporting Carers

Supporting carers is essential to effective community care. Increasing carers' capacity to provide care may enable the people they care for to continue living and participating in the community. Supporting carers may also help to strengthen the relationship between carers and the people for whom they care, helps families, and affirms the contribution carers make to society.

Understanding and Supporting Carers is a free education session offered to government and non-government service providers. The aim of the training is to:

  • Build the capacity of both government and non-government service providers in health and community care to support and work with carers, and
  • Raise recognition of the role and value of carers in both government and non- government service provision.

The four hour education session provides participants with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of carers in society, the impacts of caring, the diversity of carers and their caring experience, and the importance of identifying carers in ensuring their access to support services.
  • Recognition that carers have needs independent of those of the care recipient which need to be acknowledged and supported if their caring capacity is to be sustained, now and for the future. The workshop introduces a multilayered approach to the understanding and assessment of the support needs of carers.
  • Awareness of Carers NSW resources which can be used to engage and increase the capacity of carers in their caring role.

This training will take place:

Sydney - Tuesday 18 August 2015

South Coast - Thursday 10 September 2015

Sydney - Wednesday 21 October 2015

Central Coast - Thursday 12 November 2015

To register for one of these sessions please complete an online registration form here. If your organisation would like this session delivered to your staff, please contact the Education and Training Team on 02 9280 4744 or email education@carersnsw.org.au. A minimum of eight participants is required for training.



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