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Approximately 12% of employed people in NSW are carers [i]. Balancing paid work and care responsibilities can be difficult to manage and, in some cases, caring for a loved one can adversely impact a carers career.

The cost of not supporting carers in the workplace has implications for both individuals and organisations. Carers face limitations in their careers, including refusing roles and interruptions in career progression, as well as potential poverty if they are unable to work due to their caring role. Carers in the workplace may also face adversity due to misunderstandings or uninformed bias resulting from a lack of awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by carers.

For organisations, the recruitment cost of replacing an employee can be significant, as can the cost of replacing experience, skills and knowledge. Findings from the Carers NSW 2014 Carer Survey indicate that 76% of carers feel supported in their workplace [ii], while this is promising, there is still considerable room for improvement.

Carers NSW has the knowledge and expertise to support organisations with staff retention and diversity and inclusion strategies. We work proactively with employers to develop tailored strategies to support carers balancing paid employment and unpaid care.

We do this by focusing on three key areas;

The Carers NSW employer services brochure is available to download, alternatively you can contact the Education team on 02 9280 4744 or for a confidential discussion on the opportunities and services available to your organisation.

  • Corporate education

    Carers NSW offers a range of education and training options to assist in identifying and supporting carers in the workplace.
  • Employee support

    Carers NSW offers a specialised Employee Assistance Program for the benefit of your staff with caring responsibilities.
  • Employer services

    Carers NSW is committed to working with organisations to assist carers in maintaining meaningful employment, without requiring them to sacrifice their career or caring role.
  • Carers + Employers

    Carers NSW Carers + Employers program defines best-practice standards for supporting staff with caring responsibilities.



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