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Supporting carers through the aged care reforms: For CHSP providers

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety made a series of recommendations to transform the Australian aged care system. This includes the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, Short Term Restorative Care Programme and the Home Care Package program merging into the new Support at Home Program from July 2024. The changes will mean that all older people and their carers will access services and supports from the same, single program from that time on.

The Support at Home Program aims to improve support for family and friend carers through the new assessment process and increased integration between My Aged Care and Carer Gateway. Carer Gateway will play an increased role in booking respite services in advance for carers of people who are ageing.

Please join us for a 60-minute information session to understand the challenges carers face, the increasing role of Carer Gateway and how you can support carers through the aged care reforms.

Sessions are delivered online via the ZOOM platform and are free to attend.