Carer Support Groups

As a carer it is important to look after your own needs. Joining a carer support group is one way of doing that

What are the benefits of attending a Carer Support Group?

As a carer it is important to look after your own needs. Joining a Carer Support Group is one way of doing that. The benefits of being in a group include:

  • Being with people who understand the impacts of caring

Probably, many of your friends, family and health professionals you encounter do not really understand what it is like being a carer. By talking to other carers, you will find that you are not the only one feeling the way you do, and this can be quite a relief.

  • Getting emotional support

Carers often experience emotions such as sadness, depression, guilt, exhaustion, frustration, anger, irritability. Sometimes carers feel they should not express such emotions because they are not 'acceptable' and they should be 'coping better'. Almost every carer feels these emotions at some time. This is a perfectly normal reaction to the situation you are in. Carer Support Groups offer you the opportunity to talk about these emotions.

  • Making new friends

Often carers lose touch with friends and family because of changed circumstances and increased demands on their time. This can lead to isolation and feelings of loneliness and perhaps depression. Getting out to a support group can expand your social network and help reduce social isolation, improving your overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Getting Information

Support group coordinators keep members up-to-date with developments in policies, entitlements and special carers' events. They may also arrange guest speakers on topics of interest.

Finding groups in your area

To find a Carer Support Group in your area

  • Contact Carers NSW on 02 9280 4744
  • Search our online Carer Support Group database



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