We have produced brochures describing what we do and forms you can use to access our services or to get involved in other ways.


To order resources simply contact the Carer Line on *1800 242 636. Please allow two weeks for delivery.


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- General Brochure
Carers NSW Brochure

- NCCP Brochure
Counselling Brochure

Counselling Brochure Aboriginal Carers

Carer Life Course Brochure
- Mental Health Foundations for Carers Brochure
Mental Health Foundations for Carers Brochure

Information & facts on caring in GLBTI Communities

Older Parent Carer Brochure

Aboriginal Older Parent Carer

- YC Brochure
Young Carer Brochure
 - YC Poster

Young Carer Poster
- YC Poster ATSI

Aboriginal Young Carer Poster
- YC Sign Up Card

Young Carer Registration Card
- YC Sign Up Card ATSI
Aboriginal Young Carer Registration Card


Living with Dementia

Capacity Toolkit
(NSW Government)


Counselling Poster

Counselling Poster
Aboriginal Carers


Carers Relaxation CD

Currently out of stock

Carers Relaxation tape

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High Contrast Switch

Carers NSW acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land, Elders past and present and all Aboriginal people.