Carer Peer Connect

A safe online space for carers to be linked with each other to receive and provide assistance and support.


Carer Peer Connect provides online opportunities for carers in New South Wales to be linked with each other to receive and provide assistance and support.

Carer Peer Connect is centrally managed by Carers NSW and funded by the NSW Government.

Carers will be able to share information and develop social connections that can be maintained regardless of geographical location. It will also create opportunities for new, face to face groups to be created and give existing groups a platform to continue conversations online. 

Carer Peer Connect provides:

  • Online support for carers including access to chat forums which address disability and illness specific issues as well as more general topics, such as health and wellbeing.
  • Online learning modules on a range of health and wellbeing topics and relevant current information - including Taking Care of Yourself; Taking a Break; Carers and the NDIS; Future Planning for Carers.
  • Opportunities for carers to connect and meet face to face and develop offline networks.
  • Promotion of services available to carers, including counselling services, information about available training and education, opportunities to participate in CNSW events and educational events with other organisations.

      To find out more, visit the Carer Peer Connect website.


      Why peer connection?

      Carers NSW knowledge and research has informed us that carers are more likely to be socially isolated and experience declining social networks as a result of their caring role. Even when carers are able to maintain significant social and familial networks, they can still feel disconnected from friends and family members who do not have a personal experience of caring, and who are unlikely to be able to provide the explicit advice and support that a peer with lived experience would be able to provide.

      Carer peer support programs provide spaces for carers to express themselves with confidence that they will be understood and accepted by other carers with similar lived experience. Groups often provide opportunities for carers to exchange tips and advice on how to deal with different situations including sharing knowledge of local services. Carer support groups can be a valuable source of information to people new to the caring role as well as to individuals who have been caring for an extended period of time.


      Why an online peer to peer support program for carers in NSW?

      While face-to-face peer support is shown to be beneficial to carers, it is not always preferable or possible for carers to attend a group in person due to the demands of their caring role, their geographic location and/or other commitments such as paid work. For some individuals on-line can also be a way of accessing support while remaining anonymous.  In addition, many carer support group facilitators (who are often also carers), struggle to meet the demands of running a carer support group, maintaining group numbers and ensuring the group’s overall sustainability.

      Carer Peer Connect provides a network of peer support for carers across NSW that digitally connects carers with each other. 


      What is the benefit of a peer to peer support program?

      Internet-based support services are valuable resources for carers who increasingly access information online about the illness or disability of the person they care for. A peer to peer support program enables carers a space to openly discuss their caring situation and have some ‘time out’ from caring. By engaging with Carer Peer Connect, carers will be empowered to reach out to carer peers for advice and support through a variety of forums.  Carers who are unable to regularly attend a group will able to meet with carers of similar experiences online through the Carer Peer Connect website.

      Carer Peer Connect Flyer

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      To find out more, visit the Carer Peer Connect website.

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