Carer Life Course

The Carer Life Course is an interactive online information and support program for carers. The Carer Life Course identifies the phases of caring that carers often go through, and provides information, support and resources that will assist carers at each phase.

Many carers feel their own needs get lost in the caring role. Many carers feel they need support but don't know where to turn. The Carer Life Course contains an interactive program, The 6 carer phases, which details what you might experience at each phase of your caring journey and the types of information and support you may need at this time.

The interactive program also explores how each phase impacts on your needs depending on your relationship to the person needing care.

Service providers can use the Carer Life Course online program to engage with the carer, at each phase of their caring role, and ensure carers are aware of their own health and wellbeing and possible options for support.

For more information view the Carer Life Course interactive program.



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